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Reviews of Chris-Anthem

"I did read it and enjoyed it. It is delightful."

Tamatha M.
DV Specialist Oklahoma CADVSA

"I devoured Mona's tale in short order & didn't want the story to end - a sequel someday perhaps?"

Myrtle L

"Few friends are like sisters and few sisters are friends as Mona and Chris are. I have been blessed with both in my life and enjoyed Mona's story and the hope such committed friendship brings! An easy read a wide audience will enjoy. "


"I enjoyed this warm, true-to-life story of how friendship between two women help them deal with the ups and downs of life. Mona and Chris support each other in a book most women can really relate to. Beautifully descriptive, the book captures the spirit of change in this more mature, "coming of age" tale.

Elizabeth C.
Rockbridge County, VA

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"It's hard to describe a book like this one, it is an inspiring and encouraging story of survival, struggle, change, friendship, love and, basically, life. The relationship between Mona and Chris is one that I think most people can relate to on some level, I think everyone has someone in their life who inspires them to be who they are. The development of the characters and the journey they take together through some of life's hardest lessons are so beautifully written that you find yourself wrapped up in their world, and rooting for them to overcome hardships and not lose sight of who they are. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially if you need a little lift, and need to feel a bit better about the world!"

Lori G.
It's A Must Read (web-reading group)

Vivid and inspiring - Chris-Anthem is a delightful story which offers much inspiration. TÚlor writes beautifully - I love the backgrounding of each scene. I can just smell the coffee, taste the wine and see the mums every time they are mentioned. It's a descriptive, word-picture type of writing that reminds me of Agatha Christie without the British accent! The story tackles the very sensitive subject of familial abuse but does it in a way that shows love, compassion and hope.

In the world we live in today, this kind of writing is refreshingly welcome and uplifting.

Ed R., MN

"I read the book and really had a hard time putting it down. You are a fabulous writer."

Franceska U.
Roosevelt-Vanderbilt Historical Assn. NY

"Yes, I read Chris-Anthem -- wonderful story and it brought to mind the importance of friendship over one's lifetime."

Sandy S.

"Chris-Anthem is an easy read. It's very interesting too. The people in it seem like real people and the whole story has something for almost everyone. I could not put it down."

Norma B.
National Book Reader


"It's always interesting to read about ones home town. Familiar names and places. But Chris-Anthem captures the sincerity of true friendship and outreach. A good book."

James A.

"Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Chris-Anthem. Now I'm interested in reading the sequel. The way it ended left me wanting to read more! Is there one in the works? "

Lisa S.

"I have read the book and found it quite entertaining. I like the whole idea behind the Mums, quite inspirational. It really deals with woman to woman friendship, and overcoming abuse, both physical and verbal. Of course the address is fictional, but your description of the 'hood was right on the money."

Richard S.
Resident, Seminole Heights Neighborhood

''This story is a short one, actually called a 'novella'. The author writes a lovely story of two lifelong friends and the changes they go through while remaining good friends all the while. ........It's an uplifting read. I am only midway through it but love it so far. It's easy to relate to the book because it's so realistic. I encourage people to read this book. It makes you appreciate your friendships.''

Corinna B.

Kasey Hargan
Freelance Writer

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